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University Of Queensland Law

University Of Queensland Law

UQ Law Revue 2014 | Smoke Ball So Hard, Directed by James Semit
Assistant Director: Nicki Murray

Performed by James Jessup and Katie Wheatley

Filmed and edited by Nicki Murray and James Semit

Written by Joy Qin and Katie Wheatley

Song Produced (from scratch!) by Graham Johnson

Dancers: Izzy Belonogoff, Rose Leonforte, Joy Qin


Smoke ball so hard influenza gonna fine me
Contract’s gonna bind me
What’s 100 pound to a sick mother like me can you please remind me?
Smoke ball so hard, contract’s made
I provided consideration
I reserve the right to sue in a breach of express term case
Smoke ball so hard, no jokes here
The offer made was so clear
Smoke ball so hard, it’s out there
It’s only right that you play fair
It’s my right though, you’re liable to appeal court, take your pick
Justice Bowen, Lindley, AL Smith
Smoke ball so hard, no mere puff; don’t act like it’s a mere bluff
Won’t you please give me a dime, sick of this shit I’ve had enough!
Smoke ball so hard, still got the flu
100 pound all locked up too
Promise made, can’t escape
Waiting for that cash from you
Smoke ball so hard, these maladies, she in bed for like 6 days
Flu shots, mere puffs, instigatin’ legal change
Smoke ball so hard, it’s a key case, learn it all, Contracts A
Gaskell, Paterson, Kit Barker, Warren Swain.

Smoke ball so hard, Carbolics wanna fine me
Bowen J, Lindley J, AL Smith J.
Warren Swain *3
You’ve heard enough about carbolic smoke ball
There’s more to contracts, don’t think you know it all
My consultation’s in the bathroom stall
Show me why you deserve to study law
Was torts so hard
That key case (that key case), negligence
Check yo flash card
What she order (what she order), ginger drank
Drank so hard
That beer so cold (beer so cold), here’s the thing
Drank so hard
Act like you’ll never found snails in your bottle like this again
Make you hurl, witness stand
Who be guilty at first glance
Excuse my English but I’m in England (but you’re in Scotland)
Stevenson ain’t got a right if you ask me
The neighbour principle is valued very highly.
What’s Stevie my neighbour?
What’s fluey my killa?
What’s Carbolic my deala?
What’s that drank, ma ginga?
Doctors say I’m the illest
I got medical billas
Got my snail in a bottle
And we goin appealas, huh!

I don’t even know what that means.
(No one knows what it means, but it’s unilateral)
It’s in the course
(It can be accepted without knowing!)
Smoke Ball so hard mufackas wanna fine me
Drank so hard muhfuckas wanna fine me
(Warren Swain, Warren Swain, Warren Swain)