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Divorce Settlement Lawyers

Getting the Most from Divorce Settlements

Even the most passionate of situations can have a tendency to turn sour and when it comes to marriage, this often results in divorce or separation. Over the past few decades, it’s become a priority for solicitors and courts alike to ensure that both parties involved are provided a fair share of all assets and possessions. It’s never been easier to ensure that you receive the most from your settlement, especially when hiring a world-class service the likes of which we are proud to offer.

How can we help you to obtain the most from your settlement?

When it comes to deciding which party is entitled to what, it’s easy to allow a court to decide based on evidence that they have at hand. In reality, cases aren’t ever as simple as this and that’s why we make it a priority to ensure that all of our client’s requirements, points of view and opinions are heard by a court.

When divorcing or separating, most courts will want to simply define who deserves what, including child custody and assets alike. What may seem good on paper may actually be detrimental once an order has been finalised. This is where it soon becomes apparent that one member of the divorce became better off as a result of the verdict – and this can result in the other party losing out emotionally and financially in equal measure.

That’s where our services come into the fray. We know what it takes to prioritise the needs of our clients in a way that maximises the settlement that they can expect. We do this by evaluating your lifestyle, your requirements and everything in between, before preparing a case that is as presentable as it is coherent.

In most instances, this extra information can work wonders on a case and can maximise the amount of settlement awarded. With the option being a lesser sum – it’s only logical that improving the chances of this event occurring are preferred by the individual looking for a reliable lawn firm. Divorce settlements do have rough guidelines and it’s our job to ensure that these guidelines are superseded to the benefit of our client.

Actions outside of court

There aren’t many people that enjoy going to court, especially when the reason is to divide assets and finalise a separation. A good law firm in Australia will do their best to benefit their client on all fronts – including out of court settlements. This typically relies on the interest of both parties involved, with the firm acting as a middle-man to balance both side’s requests.

The way in which this is done will be of clear benefit to the hiring party however, meaning that greater advantages will be sought after as a priority, or in financial terms; a greater level of settlement. This is something that courts aren’t always able to rule on and so a great solicitor at your back can make sure that the most beneficial results are achieved.